hi i'm olivia and i am 18, no longer a dancing queen.

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littledovess replied to your post: that close up of harry was actually so…

I actually liked it but I didn’t get why they did that ??? zayn would have been better

smh the whole thing should’ve been zayn everyone else looked nasty as fuck idk

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the evolution from goodwill to versace


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remember when zayn dressed up in drag and liam was a lame ass choreographer and niall had a pot belly and louis had that horrible accent and harry was a fucking nerd all for the pure purpose of entertaining us for one music video where did all tht effort go

Harry almost diedimage

The grease in his Arby’s curly fried hair would have kept him warm he’s aiight damn calm down

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"I figured it out.. Saw the mistakes of up and down, meet in the middle. There's always room for common ground."

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oh well, at least zayn looked good

-ancient one direction proverb

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Tonight on Full House

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this video fucked me up

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